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The Autumn Sports Meeting of 2017


On the morning of Sep. 28, 2017, Shenyang Foreign Language School held its autumn sports meeting on the school playground. A sports meeting is always a big deal for the students, who treat it as the biggest festival in the campus. Many students had prepared for it for quite a while and were very happy that the day they had been looking forward to finally arrived.   


After the opening ceremony—the athletes’ march-in and the speeches made by Principal Li and the athlete representative, the first shot announced the real start of the sports meeting. The sports meeting included most of the normal items—running, jumping, throwing, relay race and so on. Every class had their athletes playing in the field, so the whole school were all cheerleaders. The sports items came one after another, the athletes tried their best to make good grade and their classmates and friends shrieked to cheer them up. You could hear laughing and crying here and there all the time, the whole playground was just like a boiling ocean.   



The sports meeting didn’t finish until five o’clock in the afternoon. The students spent quite an exciting day and enjoyed themselves very much. Some athletes were satisfied with themselves while some might feel regretful, but all of you were heroes of your classes and the school, wish you a better result in the sports meeting of next year. 



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